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A Question to Ponder... What is Celtic Reiki?

"It is beautiful. Full of inspiration and gives one a chance to travel through time, look at the things that have inspired us to be who we are today and look at the fears that we carry that might need to be released so that we can manifest new experiences. It makes me feel really reflective and also gives me hope to think out of the box so I can create a new future for myself."

(Christine - Realm Master Student)

You now have access to the most reliable, up-to-date information, resources and training in Celtic Reiki here at www.celtic-reiki.com. Developed by Martyn Pentecost, the Originator of Celtic Reiki, it is also the home to the growing Celtic Reiki community of students and masters. Take a good look around, there is plenty to discover and enjoy. Sign up for your free guide to Celtic Reiki...