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About The Originator of Celtic Reiki

The first few sparks of Celtic Reiki were created in 1998 by a British Reiki Master named Martyn Pentecost. On a trip to Wales, Martyn came upon a fir tree that had been cloven in half by a lightning strike and through his attempts to treat the tree with Reiki, the Ailim Essence was discovered. Over the next two years, Martyn originated the basic system, with 18 Essences and a handful of techniques.

When he started to teach Celtic Reiki, he did so with an invitation to Celtic Reiki Masters to develop the system further, either through the expansion of techniques and Essences, or with a personalization of the philosophies. Many Masters did indeed evolve the practice, some making their art a wider system of many Essences and others adding to the Celtic ethos of the methodology.

Martyn also developed the system further, transforming it radically in 2004 and again in 2009, when the Realm Mastery was introduced. Yet, this is not the only therapy that Martyn has created - in his time as a therapist, mentor and author of personal development therapies, he has pioneered over fifteen forms of practice, ranging from Creative Writing Therapy to The Viridian Method, Karmic Regression Therapy, The Key and PsyQ.

As an author, Martyn has writing many books, both fiction and non-fiction. These include eight Celtic Reiki titles.

About mPowr

mPowr was launched in 2009 as a media company, dedicated to creating enchantment through books, audio programs, immersive online training and other media. The first major training project created by mPowr was the Celtic Reiki Mastery Home Experience, which leads students through their mastership training in a unique and immersive way. This idea of immersing you in a Realm where anything is possible, means that you can learn your skills in a magical environment and then bring those skills back to the solid world. This forms the basis of our books, CDs and other products and projects.