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The Reiki Revolution

There is a wide and diverse array of Reiki practices in the world. Some of these are based in the traditions of the originator of Usui Reiki (Mikao Usui) and the various styles that have been derived from this, whilst others take a contrasting view to Reiki practices. With all these diverse methodologies and unique personal perspectives, there is much to celebrate amongst those who practise some form of Reiki method. Most agree that connection to Reiki is an overwhelming and magical experience, yet this does not always translate to the behaviour of some.

The Reiki Revolution began in 2004, with the creation of vReiki, a vast new system that reworks our perspective of what Reiki is and how it can be experienced in exciting and challenging ways. The concept of different facets of Ki and how they all interrelate is a profound evolution in perspective for many and has facilitated the creation of several different methodologies, from Reiki NRG, to the Realm Mastery of Celtic Reiki and even elements of the business and personal development system, The Key!

The basic premise of vReiki is that Ki exists in nine different physical facets, which are: Ishiki, Reiki, Tsuki, Jiki, Denki, Kuki, MItzuke, Shioke, Kekki. These are all part of a non-physical ‘reflection’ of Ki, Shinki. Each physical facet creates a different dynamic, or way of behaving, and it is these which create and drive our Universe. In this model, Reiki is believed to be the harmonizer and balancer of the other facets (from Jiki to Kekki). When these facets are imbalanced, because of behaviour or trauma of some kind, the connection to a Reiki perspective can help us realign our natural balance.

The vReiki principles mean that we can peer through the Reiki perspective to interact with Tsuki, Jiki, and all the other facets of Ki, including Shinki. This translates to other forms of vReiki practice, such as vJiki and vDenki, as well as providing a foundation for Celtic Reiki Mastery.

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