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The Celtic Philosophy

Various themes that are found in Celtic Reiki Mastery originate from the philosophies and beliefs of the Celtic people of Western Europe. These core principles affect the way we work with Reiki and how we present ourselves professionally, creating distinct contrasts between Celtic Reiki Mastery and other forms of therapeutic practices. Of course, things have changed since the Celts’ time and the philosophies of Celtic Reiki reflect this through the notion of a ‘Global Sphere Perspective’. In other words, the essence of the Celtic philosophies are at the heart of a modern approach to our therapy.


The Reiki Revolution

There is a wide and diverse array of Reiki practices in the world. Some of these are based in the traditions of the originator of Usui Reiki (Mikao Usui) and the various styles that have been derived from this, whilst others take a contrasting view to Reiki practices. With all these diverse methodologies and unique personal perspectives, there is much to celebrate amongst those who practice some form of Reiki method. Most agree that connection to Reiki is an overwhelming and magical experience, yet this does not always translate to the behavior of some.


The Foundations of Celtic Reiki

The Celtic Reiki method was pioneered by Martyn Pentecost, a British therapist and personal development mentor. Initially taking the approach of forming a synthesis between Reiki practice and Celtic philosophy, the system used 18 original essences (the vibrations of trees) and a handful of methods derived from Usui Reiki practice. This foundation was evolved by the originator and other Celtic Reiki Masters over several years, until in 2009, Pentecost re-worked the system to include multiple layers of practice.


What is Celtic Reiki?

Celtic Reiki is a form of holistic therapy that helps connect you to the natural world around you. In the same way as a stroll through a forest, or a day at the beach can refresh, relax, and invigorate, Celtic Reiki philosophy recognizes that by reconnecting to the Earth we can improve our health and sense of wellbeing. Life, especially in large towns or cities, can disconnect us from nature. We feel separate or distinct from the world and the cycles of life. Many of the innate sensory and perceptive skills we possess have become atrophied, whilst our species has become very disrespectful of home, ourselves, and the very things we need to survive, such as air, water, and a stable environment.