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Frequently Asked Questions and Support

I've just signed up for Master training, how do I login?

Once you have confirmed your memberhsip of the mailing list. You will receive an email that provides the URL for the login page - this, combined with the email that gives your account details will allow you to login easily.

Your email links take me to strange sites...

If links in our emails go to strange sites you are likely to have a virus or adware that redirects some email links; even sometimes addresses manually typed into their address box. Check that no 'extra' toolbar is running and that may well clear up the issue. You should be able to login by manually typing in the address. We know that in the UK the Nectar toolbar does this... There are likely to be others that operate similarly.

I have not received an email with my username and password, what has happened?

To begin with, please ensure that experience@celtic-reiki.com and info@celtic-reiki.com are on your 'white list'. Check your 'Spam Folder' to see if the mails from us have been directed there automatically. If you are unable to locate the email there, please use the Contact Us form to let us know.

Do I need to train to be a Celtic Reiki Master?

Yes, Celtic Reiki is a formal type of therapy and the practice as a Master or Practitioner without training is highly unethical. Training is a wonderful experience, both life-changing and magical, and it is this time as a student where you learn how to pass on your own wisdom others through treatments, consultations, and courses. For more information on Celtic Reiki training, see this page.

How does a Celtic Reiki Realm Master differ from a Celtic Reiki Master?

Celtic Reiki Masters have been taught and qualified in a system that is both basic and many years old. Since its origination Celtic Reiki has grown and developed, expanding in vast new areas of practice. Realm Masters have trained in the most up-to-date form of Celtic Reiki that majorly expands on how Celtic Reiki can be used in a modern context and their knowledge encompasses every aspect of life and how Celtic Reiki can be used to help improve everything from relationships to financial challenges, business to health and wellbeing. More importantly, it is the perspective that Realm Masters view their art from that makes it so very different from the original form of practice.

I use the Ogham all the time, why do I need an attunement?

The Ogham is a very ancient alphabet, used by the Celts and consisting of drawn or carved ‘staves’ that denote various letters. These are used by many communities of people, such as Wiccan practitioners and druids. In the creation of Celtic Reiki, the Ogham was used as a means of anchoring different Essences, which leaves the Ogham looking the same, but the results are very different after an Orientation (Attunement). Therefore, Celtic Reiki Masters could be seen as using the same letters, but speaking a different language!

How is Celtic Reiki different to Usui Reiki?

Usui Reiki is based upon the methods of Mikao Usui and other people of his professional lineage. Usui renamed his spiritual development method from ‘Teate’ to ‘Reiki’ after making connection between his experience of the force used in his therapy and the ancient Shinto philosophy of ‘Ki’ and, in particular’ Reiki. Celtic Reiki, also uses the Shinto philosophy of Ki, which is viewed through a Celtic or ‘aboriginal’ perspective to greatly adapt the way Reiki is experienced in treatment or practice.

Where can I discover more about Celtic Reiki?

As well as through this website and the Celtic Reiki Mastery Home Experience, you can explore the Celtic Reiki books, written by the creator of Celtic Reiki, Martyn Pentecost. For more information, see here.

I want to train with a Celtic Reiki Master in my area, how do I find one?

We are currently updating the realm Master areas of this site and will soon be launching Realm Master profiles, so that you can locate the best Realm Master for your needs.

I have a question that is not answered here...

Please use this contact page to ask your question.