Celtic Reiki Mastery Training

There are three training programmes in Celtic Reiki: Foundation Mastery, Mystic Mastery and Realm Mastery.

Foundation Mastery

You are immersed in the experience and philosophy of Celtic Reiki, allowing you to discover the healing influence of the therpay and an increased sense of connection to the natural world.* This fourteen-day training is a first-step introductory layer on the Celtic Reiki journey.

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Mystic Mastery

Deeper into the Realms of Celtic Reiki you develop confidence with the tools of Celtic Reiki, transforming your own perspective as you explore its philosophy and wisdom. This extensive training equips you to build a professional practice working successfully with clients.

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Realm Mastery

For those who really want to explore the depths and heights of Celtic Reiki this training equips you to teach others Celtic Reiki in addition to 1-1 client work. This comprehensive programme reviews all the information and experience of the other programmes at an advanced level.

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When you choose one of the Training options today, remember that Mystic Mastery includes Foundation Mastery, and that Realm Mastery includes both Foundation Mastery and Mystic Mastery. So, you can take the first step by ‘trying out’ Celtic Reiki with the Foundation Mastery or, if you know you are keen to discover the depths of Celtic Reiki sign up for Mystic Mastery or even Realm Mastery knowing that you will have everything you need for the journey. When you try out Foundation Mastery and then want to continue training you can ‘upgrade’ easily (though the prices here are the best value you can get.

"The orientation was great - I liked the way through the "Deepest Depths the Highest Heights" - yes, and as always, the video message."

(Gabriele - Realm Master)

.*Most people who offer training in Celtic Reiki will use the descriptions Celtic Reiki Level 1, 2 and 3 to describe what they are teaching. It is very important to note that those who learned these ‘levels’ are only teaching some of what is included in the very first Foundation Mastery level of Celtic Reiki, they have not learned the material covered in the other 36 weeks…