Celtic Reiki for Health and Wellbeing

health wellbeing with celtic reiki

“This is truly the deep core healing power of Celtic Reiki…
like a warm blanket, it soothes & comforts.”

(Linda – Realm Master)

4 Secrets to Health and Joyous Living with Celtic Reiki

The stresses and strains of modern living can have an enormous effect on your health and sense of wellbeing. Becoming a Celtic Reiki Master is a powerful step on the road to health and happiness you deserve.

Discover how learning Celtic Reiki can help you take control of your health and wellbeing…

Step One: Regain a sense of connection and wholeness

In our internet-driven, mass-communication, highly-interconnected age many feel an increasing sense of isolation—often experiencing loneliness in the midst of others or unable to connect with the natural world.

When you begin learning Celtic Reiki you explore powerful ways to connect with neglected parts of your self that are undervalued today. You will rediscover ways in which to connect with the rhythm and flow of the natural world, even in your 21st century context. You will develop your own ability to live holistically—insights from psychology, spirituality, science and ancient wisdom will bring healing and happiness in the way most suited to your own needs and desires.

Step Two: Reduce the overwhelm of the 21st Century

Living today offers you opportunities that are infinite, yet being faced with so many choices can leave people overwhelmed and paralysed into inaction. Everything demands your attention: your own self-development, the safety, happiness and education of your children, your most intimate relationships, your family relationships, your job, and the list goes on and on and on. The tensions involved in deciding what to do, when to do it, in which order, where to start, etc., can overwhelm you and lead to poor decisions or no decision being made.

Becoming a Celtic Reiki Foundation Master will equip you with simple strategies and techniques to relax, to discover what is most important for you and to design a healthier lifestyle for yourself and those you care for.

Step Three: Allow ancient wisdom to make sense of the modern world

With today’s rapid evolution in technology and culture the traditional sources of stability, of support and wisdom are often undermined or undervalued. It can be difficult to know what to trust and where to go next.

Celtic Reiki recognises and celebrates the ancient wisdom of both East (Reiki, facets of Ki, etc.) and West (the wisdom of the ‘connected’ indigenous peoples like the Celts). But Celtic Reiki goes much further, marrying this ancient wisdom with the insights of psychology and science, and uses modern teaching methods and communication technology (internet, video, etc.).

Your sense of self and self-direction can be drowned out by the competing voices of the 21st century. The Celtic Reiki Foundation Mastery information, techniques and strategies, will enable you to stay true to your authentic-self and act in ways that bring health and happiness to yourself and those you care for.

Step Four: Nourish the body and create health

The desire to live in harmony with nature and with our natural cycles is part of a growing movement for health and wellbeing. Attempting to do this whilst living in an urban environment with the competing demands of home, school, work, family, community, etc., is very challenging.

As a Foundation Master of Celtic Reiki you are trained to access the benefits of an open-air lifestyle, of walking in the woods or by the sea, even in the midst of your town or city. Creating your own personal health regime becomes straightforward when you build upon the core techniques and strategies of Foundation Mastery.

To begin your journey to improved health and wellbeing with Celtic Reiki start learning Celtic Reiki (Foundation Mastery) today. This course was created and developed by Martyn Pentecost, the originator of Celtic Reiki.

You will gain immediate access to the fourteen-day training process online:

  • The virtual training environment with audio, video, illustrations and text.
  • Regular emails giving direction on your next steps.
  • A downloadable Foundation Mastery Manual with information on the basic treatment strategies, history and application of Celtic Reiki.
  • A detailed downloadable manual containing critical information on the Foundation Mastery Essences
  • Three core orientations (pivotal experiences that allow you to experience new connections with the natural world, yourself and your health).
  • Video mentoring by Martyn Pentecost regularly throughout the course.
  • A personal journal to record your ideas, thoughts and experiences as you work through the course.
  • Upon completion of the course a certificate of Foundation Mastery will be emailed to you (physical copy also available).
  • Access to the members area of the Celtic Reiki community of Students and Masters. This is the ideal network for support, inspiration and sharing when you are training and then using Celtic Reiki for yourself or others.

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