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“I always find that each section of the realms is an exciting challenge and adventure.”

(Jennifer – Realm Master Student)

I want to build a successful Celtic Reiki business

Whatever your reason for wanting to build your success with a Celtic Reiki business the Realm Master training will enable you to:

  • build on your desire and passion
  • develop your unique business strategy and approach
  • create the timetable and way of working that suits your lifestyle and choices
  • present yourself, the information and the techniques in a compelling and inspiring way
  • establish a unique brand, a focused clientele, in which you are the recognised authority
  • value your time, expertise and insight in a way that creates huge results for your clients as well as financial and emotional rewards for yourself
  • rely on the high quality training resources provided by mPowr for your students
  • begin to work on your own training resources and inspirational products so that your clients benefit long after their treatment or training

This 38-week training process begins with Foundation Mastery and Mystic Mastery (28 weeks) and then concludes with the final ten-week Realm Mastery training process. The compete training is designed and presented by Martyn Pentecost (the Originator of Celtic Reiki) and incorporates more than fifteen years experience working with and training students in Celtic Reiki. You can be confident that the techniques, guidance and strategies that you will explore have been thoroughly tried and tested.

This training programme moves beyond the one-to-one Professional Practice that many who discover Celtic Reiki often enjoy. For a smaller group a bigger challenge calls you onward.

You want to make a difference to people and know the positive impact Celtic Reiki has with your clients and friends. However, you also know your potential to influence, to inspire and make a lasting difference is multiplied dramatically when you begin to work with groups of students, leading them through their own Celtic Reiki journey. The hour you spend teaching students how to adopt a new skill or philosophy of Celtic Reiki can have a cascade effect that is measured in change for many hundreds or even thousands of people.

During the training you will focus upon four key pillars of success.

Becoming a qualified Realm Master is the simplest way for your clients and yourself to be confident that you know your stuff!

Too often people who want to teach others Celtic Reiki (or other Reiki modalities) have only dabbled in it, they may have read a bit of a book, attended an introductory day or received an ‘attunement’ or ‘empowerment’ via Ebay and then set themselves up as an authority on Celtic Reiki. These are not the kinds of ‘Masters’ that your students deserve.

The first four weeks of the training programme ensure that you have a comprehensive overview and understanding of all the elements of the 28-week Mystic Mastery material. When you complete the assessment you will be assured that you have a genuine measure of Mastery of both the techniques and philosophy of Celtic Reiki. This enables you to teach it to your students with authority.

Your course is presented to you by Martyn Pentecost, your assessment is overseen by him and he licences you to teach using all the resources of

Becoming a qualified Realm Master is the simplest way to discover, in detail, what you want your impact to be.

Too often people who start a business using Celtic Reiki, or try to teach others Celtic Reiki, do not have a clear picture of the purpose of their business, eventually it dwindles or they become disheartened

Because you recognise the value and impact Celtic Reiki can have you also recognise that it needs more for you to run your own successful Celtic Reiki business. If you try to simply ‘teach Celtic Reiki’ to everyone and in all ways you will not be creating your own unique and powerful perspective of Celtic Reiki.

A chiropodist who started to give you advice on improving your eyesight has much less authority than the optician who has been training and working with eyes for twenty years. Though at first it seems counter-intuitive you could have a much stronger Celtic Reiki business when you decide upon your particular gift or contribution.

Have you used Celtic Reiki to design your life post-retirement? Have you used Celtic Reiki as a young mum to bring harmony and creativity to your family and babe-in-arms? Have you used Celtic Reiki to work with a number of clients with similar emotional challenges around self-esteem or negativity? If so, then perhaps this is the key to creating a unique way of teaching and empowering others.

A struggling first-time parent who is looking for help is more likely to connect with you if this is an area that you highlight for your business. When you share how you use Celtic Reiki to give your retirement purpose and meaning you become magnetic for those who want to do the same.

In the training programme you craft your own unique brand and perspective of Celtic Reiki and learn how to maximise its appeal to those you can help most effectively. Not only does this mean you are working with the people you want to work with but you are also building a base for financial freedom.

Becoming a qualified Realm Master means that you are the kind of person who commits to an in-depth process and perseveres even when there may be many personal or external challenges. You are the kind of teacher your students desperately need.

Too often people who have tried to teach others Celtic Reiki, or other Reiki modalities, have not immersed themselves in its techniques and philosophies for an extended period. They have simply copied what others have told them or even used other people’s manuals and ideas rather than put effort into mastering their craft. These businesses have little value and both students and teachers benefit little from them.

Martyn Pentecost created this Realm Master training to ensure that those who teach Celtic Reiki beyond the very first tiny steps of Foundation Mastery are highly trained, immersed in both the practice and the philosophy of Celtic Reiki and experience the real impact it has in both daily and professional life.

When you value your time spent learning Celtic Reiki, the many days spent practising with family, friends and clients, the weeks spent pondering how to improve and develop your mastery further—then your clients will value you also. You will be able to present your training and service in a compelling way that allows them to get the maximum results. This is the solid foundation for your financial success and your business.

Becoming a qualified Realm Master means that you are licensed to teach Celtic Reiki to Mystic Mastery level and mentor those training as Realm Masters using the most comprehensive, up-to-date and immersive training materials available.

In the past, many who started to teach others used poorly written or badly photocopied notes. These were sometimes merely ‘borrowed’ from someone else. Needless to say this did not lead to high expectations from students or the most effective results.

Your students, from day one, have access to the same high-quality resources that you have been using throughout your training. When you complete your Realm Mastery training you will be entitled to use the full four-volume-set of manuals for Mystic Mastery students. All your students will have access to the Home Experience to complement your own training and input. You can choose to certify the students yourself as Mystic Masters or let them be certified by Martyn at mPowr.

During Realm Mastery training you will also be guided to design your own manuals, your own training approaches and events. You will add your own unique insight and perspective to the existing material created by Martyn so that your students can learn from your own expertise. When you create manuals, books or other material about Celtic Reiki there may also be the opportunity to publish them via so that a much wider audience can benefit.

Your business success rests on much broader foundations. During your Realm Mastery training you will receive practical advice and use many strategies to develop your public presentation skills. Creative techniques help you create a plan for your business that flows and grows from your desire to create a lasting legacy and which is true to your authentic self. You develop a strong sense of your own expertise and your gift working with others most effectively. This makes you the go-to person for training in Celtic Reiki for those interested in that same area.

Most importantly you will hone the understanding of the legacy you intend to leave behind—using The Halls of Legacy tool you will clarify your life and business’s larger purpose, creating your business to serve its place in that expansive plan. Whether your legacy is a financial one, in the area of spirituality, family, community, or personal transformation, you will nurture a business that creates that legacy day after day.

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