Using Celtic Reiki to develop a Flourishing Professional Practice

Professional Reiki

People often discover Celtic Reiki because they are searching for something that can help them to help others in a profound way. You may also want to start working in a professional role with clients—to bring comfort, healing, inspiration and personal transformation.

This professional level of Celtic Reiki training, the Mystic Mastery degree, is designed to help you build a flourishing professional practice at the same time as cementing your personal mastery of Celtic Reiki.

The pleasure you experience when your clients let go of pain or limitations they have carried for years can be delightfully overwhelming. As you see a growing number of clients who get great results from your own unique ability with Celtic Reiki you will know that you are sustaining a flourishing professional practice.

For those who want to help others using Celtic Reiki it is essential to learn the techniques and philosophy of Celtic Reiki. The vital missing chunk from many training programmes is a concentrated emphasis on practical training and approaches to implementing these techniques in a professional manner with clients.

Your clients will enjoy better results and your business will reach its goals more quickly when you master your professional approach as well as simply learning the core skills of Celtic Reiki.

After more than fifteen years of experience working with clients and students in Celtic Reiki, Martyn Pentecost (the Originator of Celtic Reiki) has developed this comprehensive 28-week training process. It will lead you step by step into mastery of the techniques and philosophy of Celtic Reiki at the same time giving practical advice, suggestions, tips and guidance on the most effective ways to use your knowledge and skills to get the most powerful and long-lasting results for your clients and the growth of your professional practice.

You will first of all work through the initial, Foundation Mastery, level of Celtic Reiki. This roots your professional practice in a solid personal experience and understanding of Celtic Reiki’s capacity to touch, transform, heal and empower your own life. Then you will move into the Mystic Mastery training period.

Covered in this training programme (amongst many other areas) are:

What do I Need to Know and Do Before I can Work With Clients?

A Comprehensive training programme—Gradually, over 28 weeks, you will discover many different techniques and philosophies that make up Celtic Reiki. These are explored in the training realms in ways that you will find engaging, enchanting and personally powerful. At the end of the training you can be confident that you have a firm grasp of both the information and an extensive toolkit for use with clients.

I Am Very Busy, How Can I Learn in My Own Way and at My Own Pace?

Multimedia and Home-Based Training—The Mystic Mastery Home Experience uses a whole range of methods and media to make sure that, no matter what your personal learning style is, you can use what is most effective. Videos, audios, printed books and interactive challenges in the virtual Realms contain much of the information. There is a personal journal tool which lets you keep track of your discoveries. Interacting on the community forums will ensure there is a listening ear when you need it. Of course, with the Home Experience you have the huge advantage of being able to learn at your own pace, to your own timetable, in the comfort of your own home.

How Do I Start Working With Clients?

The RESCUE Process—This powerful strategy makes it easy to start working with clients, family and friends while you are still learning Celtic Reiki. Build Rapport with your clients, help them be at ease so that the treatment/consultation can be most effective. Elicit the needs of your client to make sure they enjoy the most effective treatment. Develop a clear treatment Strategy for the specific needs of this client. Communicate with the client clearly so that they Understand the purpose and process of the treatment. Evaluate continually to guarantee the best results for your clients.

I Want to Be Professional and Ethical:

The Principles of Celtic Reiki Professional Practice—Working with others using Celtic Reiki is a tremendous privilege and responsibility. Clear guidance is given throughout the training on the appropriate professional attitudes and behaviours to develop, together with a strong emphasis on the ethics and legalities of working with clients.

I Want My Business to Be Authentic:

Your personal perspective of Celtic Reiki—You will have your own unique contribution to bring to Celtic Reiki, your own way of working with clients, your own areas of interest or niche in which you want to develop your mastery and work with clients further. Critical to the effective development of your professional practice is the development of this authentic approach to Celtic Reiki. This lets you operate within the framework of Celtic Reiki whilst letting your clients benefit most powerfully from your insight, experience and wisdom.

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