Using Celtic Reiki to Develop Personal Mastery

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If you want to have a positive impact on your children, on your family, your community or even the whole world you need to be a master—of yourself.

Imagine a new mum holding her babe-in-arms for the first time, promising to love and protect it—in that moment everything changes. Your priorities change, the way you spend money changes, the way you spend your time changes, your interests and activities change—when a task receives commitment it will change everything it touches.

There are many challenges to this kind of transformation—the kind of mastery required to make a difference. Some challenges come from the external world (the expectations of others, cultural pressures and expectations, etc.). Many challenges come from within us (struggles with self-esteem, trauma, childhood patterns of behaviour, etc.).

The fruit of years of work with clients, your Personal Mastery training in Celtic Reiki is designed specifically to allow you to tackle the external and internal challenges you face.

The inspiring parents or grandparents you know did not achieve their skill and abilities in a flash. They crafted their parenting skills in the midst of joy and sorrow, rain and shine, blood and tears. Your Celtic Reiki Mystic Mastery training will lead you step-by-step over 28 weeks to a degree of personal mastery and direction that will amaze you, and more importantly have a dramatic impact on the people you love most.

The Mystic Mastery level focuses upon two core areas of mastery: Personal Mastery and Professional Practice.

Moving beyond your own need for healing and wholeness, the journey into personal mastery with Celtic Reiki is exciting and challenging. This training equips you with tools to tackle your own personal blocks, creating healthy and powerful strategies to increase your control over your own life and the effects you have on others.

You know already, possibly from bitter experience, that developing mastery of any topic or skill is not a quick-fix or instant process. It requires commitment, perseverance, an inspiring teacher and training that allows you to build confidence and expertise step-by-step.

Designed and presented by Martyn Pentecost (the Originator of Celtic Reiki) you can be confident that you are learning from a true Master of Celtic Reiki with the most comprehensive and up-to-date material and teaching methods.

This training, designed after years of working with and training clients, is a comprehensive, systematic, step-by-step, 28-week training programme which enables you to deal with the following areas (and many others) of personal mastery using the insights and tools of Celtic Reiki.

Emotional Chaos or Imbalance:

The Twisted Vine—a tool to help refocus destructive, inhibiting or destabilising emotions. Working with The Twisted Vine will allow you to move beyond guilt, shame, blame and towards emotional maturity, responsibility and freedom to respond in the way most effective for your goals and true desires.

Patterns of Behaviour that Now Sabotage Your Success:

The Mulberry Ring—a way of recognising and replacing patterns of behaviour that may once have been useful as a child or in earlier adolescent years (attention-seeking, co-dependency, etc.) but which now sabotage your relationships, work or success.

When Work is Always Hard Work:

The Eternal Knot—use this tool to discover where your power and passion lie when working and creating change. Often we find ourselves in jobs or activities that do not ‘flow’ easily for us, everything is a chore and there is an inner-resistance to it. You will identify the roles and activities that are aligned with your true gifts, passions and skills. Then use this knowledge to work in a way that is much more efficient, more effective, much more enjoyable and personally rewarding.

You Are Not Alone:

The Celtic Reiki Community—unique to the Celtic Reiki Home Experiences at is membership of the Celtic Reiki Community, together with exclusive access to the areas reserved for Mystic Master Students. This is your first stop for conversation, for dialogue, for inspiration, support and the opportunity to share your discoveries and challenges with Celtic Reiki.

Being Controlled by Family, Friends or Work:

Bridge of Seven Tears—unpick the control mechanisms that others, both consciously and unconsciously, use to direct your life to get what they want or need. Recognise the ways in which you are directed by others or situations (this is the first step)—then, use the Bridge of Seven Tears techniques to exercise control over your own life and set your own direction in ways that empower both you and those around you.

I Want to Help Others, but this World is So Cruel and Complicated:

The Sociocentric Sphere—understand this complex modern world so that you can deal with the perceived cruelty of society or the aggressiveness of traditional businesses. You want to make a difference in this world. Learn the mechanisms at play on personal and cultural levels—you can make the difference you want in the way that is most effective.

I Am Only One Person, What Can I Possibly Achieve?

The Framework of Celtic Reiki—the philosophies of Celtic Reiki help you to cherish your own insights, your own perspective, your own experience and wisdom. This empowers you to step beyond self-imposed limitations. You recognise where you allow yourself to remain a powerless victim and then act to influence and direct change for the benefit of yourself and others in dramatic ways.

This is What I’ve Been Told is True:

Embracing New Perspectives—Celtic Reiki highlights the importance of your own perspective, your own unique experience and insight. As you begin more and more to trust your own judgement, your own insights and abilities, you will be able to discern the limiting beliefs that others have portrayed as ‘truth’ or ‘the way it is’ and adapt your life so that it allows the truth YOU know to be the directing influence.

I Want to Be Connected and One with the Natural World:

The treatments and techniques of Celtic Reiki—the entire training in Celtic Reiki is designed to help strip away the false separations between you and the world around you, between you and the other people in your life, between you and other creatures, between you and the ‘external’ universe. Recognise your oneness, your unity, your communion with yourself, your loved ones, the other people you know, the creatures of our world and the universe beyond (Reiki: the universal life-force). Use the strategies of Celtic Reiki to ensure this connection remains with you in the midst of all your daily activities. You are the earth and the earth is you, wherever you are.

The Mystic Mastery Home Experience also includes a focus on the Professional Practice of Celtic Reiki with clients on a one-to-one basis.


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