The One Essential Thing Your Reiki Master Never Told You…


Unbeknown to me, there was one very important aspect of my Usui Reiki Mastery that was missing from the training. I did not know it at the time, because I trusted the processes… I believed that what my teacher was presenting and what they had been taught was everything there was to know…

…But there was a whole area of Reiki Mastery that was never to be found… and it was not until I began teaching others, I appreciated how blessed I was to even get that far with such a vital aspect of my training nonexistent.

I was shown how to practise the spiritual, therapeutic and master techniques, offered the history and a context within which I could treat and train others. Told to create business cards, flyers and source a suitable training room, I did everything diligently. I even set my intentions, as described and waited for Reiki to deliver students and clients.

As if by magic it did! And I was soon the owner of a successful Reiki business. It was at this point I began to notice how students were having difficulties when it came to creating their own businesses. Many had trouble filling a single class; others managed to eke a living although they worked way too many hours to achieve this.

There were those who, nobly, were solely focused on helping people rather than making a living. Yet, even here they worked so hard to teach and treat for free, they ended up exhausted and completely demotivated.

When these Usui Reiki masters began charging for their time, their existing ‘freebie’ clients disappeared and new clients were nowhere to be seen. So, why is it that some Reiki Masters can grow and sustain a real living from practising and teaching Reiki—helping thousands  of people, all over the world—and others invest so much, only to fail very quickly?

The answer is this… those whose careers as Reiki Masters are short lived, are usually those without business skills. The few who do manage to run a successful Reiki business, are those who know how to gain and keep clients. Their business skills bring clients, their therapy skills maintain the relationship with their clients.

So, whilst you may be an excellent practitioner or master, you may need to focus upon and nurture your skills as a businessperson to truly realise your potential as a Reiki Master.

Post Author: Martyn Pentecost

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