An Intelligent Force

Reiki Intelligent Force

Thought creates the physical world into being. A spark, an idea, a vision can burst into life; transforming the world around us (and within us) in truly miraculous ways. Contrary to popular understanding, thought is not exclusively the function of an individual person, but a transpersonal and Universal phenomenon. Thoughts interweave into complex and sometimes chaotic physicality. The Universe in all its infinite wonder was thought into being, just as people think their lives into reality every day.

For many people, thoughts are what drive us to action, whether this be the need to fulfil desires and dreams, or alleviate fears and worries. Our thoughts influence behaviour, which in turn, creates reality. We literally think our lives into reality before living that reality. The power of thought is so magnificent that people can achieve anything they believe to be possible, regardless of how expansive (or contractive) that belief.

Yet, at an even deeper layer of experience; pure thought and the force encapsulated within that thought, are the essential factors for the physical Universe’s very existence. For every thought is like a spark… it has the potential to create a flame. However, when a thought meets some form of contention or opposition, it interacts with the opposing thought to produce physicality. As an interesting aside, many people shy away from resistance or even fear their ideas being opposed—yet it is this very resistance and opposition that facilitates the achievement of their ideas in physical reality.

The force, which is present when two thoughts collide, is the seed of conscious experience. Ancient Shinto philosophy explains that there is a ‘trade-off’ between intelligence and physicality. Pure intelligence has no physical presence whatsoever and pure physical matter is totally incapable of thought. Yet, between these two polar opposites, exists a whole Universe of wonder and experience and life.

The Shinto concept of Reiki is one of a powerful force that exists in the physical Universe, yet only to a very subtle extent. A tiny proportion of a greater intelligence is exchanged for the least amount of physicality necessary to create change. This puncturing of the physical/non-physical veil is so subtle that the vast majority of people are completely unaware of the existence of Reiki; even fewer consciously experience it with any identifiable form of sensory feedback.

Yet for those of us who do notice the existence of Reiki in our physical Universe, the synaesthesia of our response to it is utterly overwhelming and magical. For there is something deeply instinctual in that interaction; an understanding that two intelligent entities are coming together to create miracles… and that is exactly what we do. As Reiki interacts with another sentient being, the aforementioned change begins to take place: Reiki instils a greater wisdom within us and we present Reiki with our own, unique perspective.

Post Author: Martyn Pentecost

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