Running A Successful Reiki Business

Professional Reiki Business

Are you struggling financially as a Reiki Practitioner or Master?

Do you want go professional and are unsure about the ethics of charging money?

Do you have a busy practice, but wish you had more time?

Are you seeking to help even more people than you can currently manage?

Every successful and professional Reiki practice needs a solid business behind it. Though many new practitioners and masters are simply taught to put the intention ‘out there’, without a sound knowledge of running your own business, many fail to maintain their practice.

Others believe that it is ‘wrong’ to charge for Reiki treatments and force this opinion on their fellow practitioners. Yet, the more financially successful your Reiki business is, the more you can dedicate your time to conducting treatments, the more people you help and the less stressed you will feel.

There is one constant that does appear to be a universal constant—those who train in Reiki do not relish the prospect of running a business, and those who do, tend to focus more on the business bit than on the Reiki bit!

However, there is a way to help thousands of people, maintain a financially rewarding lifestyle and maintain your integrity…

Firstly, retrain for success. If your reiki modality training covered hand positions and symbols, then you are missing out on a huge array of other existing experiences, including those you may not associate with Reiki therapy, but which are vital in professional mastery of your craft.

Hone your consultation and feedback skills. Discover how profiling and strategic planning can help your clients heal and develop your skills as a professional.

Develop a professional, business approach to Reiki Therapies. This does not mean a corporate attitude, but a healthy attitude towards money, delivering a valuable service and maintaining a thriving business of satisfied clients.

Expand your expertise to encompass different modalities of Reiki practice… it is amazing how much a different perspective can show you. Masters who have been practising and teaching for decades are constantly surprised by what they do not know, when they change their perspective.

Leverage your time from a one-to-one style business to a multiplication business, where books, audio and digital products help you grow your business, whilst offering life-changing transformation to thousands of people across the world.

Transitioning from a solitary practitioner or master, eking out a living with a few clients and occasional training events, will never help you realise your true potential as a reiki professional. Running a successful business, based in Reiki modalities will enable you to develop in ways you never imagined.

Post Author: Martyn Pentecost

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