Retrain for Success—Reiki training was not created equal… 

Reiki Training is not created equal

Many of us, when first seeking out Reiki training, have a rather vaguer idea of what to expect or what to look for. Often we will plump for somebody local or the online training company that promises the most ‘powerful’ results, or the ‘right’ way of ‘using’ Reiki.

Even if we have some foundation in what we are looking to learn, it is easy to become distracted by the fun stuff. Exploring the experiences of Reiki (and all that comes with those) can be a compelling sales pitch for the prospective student, when compared to the business or professional aspects of a training programme.

Nevertheless, the very first step you need to take on the path of success with Reiki practice is this…

Ensure your own training covers the basics of business and professional practice and if not, retrain with a master who will guide and support you through these.

And, this is not simply a case of getting flyers and business cards, but rather an exploration of who you are and how best you will run a business. Most of us view business and professional practice as a very particular thing… usually involving bowler hats, corporate greed and used-car salespeople.

Nevertheless, every person creates a successful practice differently—some through creativity, others by nurturing relationships, some build online training and a few use sophisticated sales tactics.

Whilst the latter is often the one we associate with success, this is purely because it is the most naked. When you have been trained on how YOU create professional success, you will understand how to adapt your actions to match your skills, rather than attempting to force what you believe business to mean.

The business aspects of training are not the only factor included within an excellent training syllabus. Learning how Reiki modalities rely on perspective, appreciating polarity and having a meta-level training on the nature of Reiki are also very important.

For, no one has ever learnt a Reiki modality, just to do as they are told… we learn Reiki to express our unique and wonderful message to the world. We cannot do this, when we are gobbling up the same old, same old….

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