The Road to Oneness

The Road to Oneness

At the heart of Celtic Reiki is a sense of oneness—that we are all a continuation of the Earth.

We are not moulded or sculpted, as a potter might create a piece of crockery. And, simply because our feet are not stuck to the ground, does not mean we are different from the ground.

As stardust, as sparks of life, as unique perspectives of a whole—striving to live as one, offers a deep sense of enrichment and personal peace. In contrast to those who see the world as a separate, disconnected and disjointed place, the profound knowing that awaits, when we remind ourselves of our innate oneness, is overwhelming.

Deep within the Realms of Celtic Reiki, the Road to Oneness is evolving and growing; leading us towards the launch of One Therapy. This next layer of the Celtic Reiki experience will present a whole new understanding of our beloved modality and the Realms in which Celtic Reiki is enveloped.

These newsletters will offer further information about One as times goes by, including exclusive opportunities to work with the new training resources before they are launched.

Until then, ponder what Oneness means to you and what factors of life disconnect you from Oneness. Think about the labels and definitions you place upon yourself and those which have been placed upon you… how do these separate you from a sense of belonging? How do they empower you? At what point does the power of each label become a prison that limits you in some way?

What would happen if you reverse the labels and lived a day as somebody else? How would your life be different if you let go of the definitions you have accepted for yourself and other people?

Between now and next we meet, explore how your Celtic Reiki Mastery is refracted through who you are now and how that would change if you shed your definitions and limitations. What would happen if you experienced your Celtic Reiki from a truer perspective of who you are, beyond the terms and labels that separate us all from the Oneness we are?

Taking each label or definition and just inverting it, can lead us into an even more problematic trap. For an even greater challenge to Oneness is the polarity that our physical world creates within it. This polarity means that for everything that is truth, the opposite is also true.

We cannot rid ourselves of polarity—imagine a magnet with North and South poles… if you break the magnet in half, it will still have North and South polarity… if you break it in half again… and again… the polarity will always be there.

Thus, when it comes to the world and our lives, polarity is based on perspective. And whatever the perspective, the opposite is also true. This turns our conflicting perspectives into a battle of wills that exist in constant escalation, not just between people, but also within ourselves.

So, what happens when you are pondering your definitions of self and your life (as well as the polarity they form), and you begin to meet resistance in the deconstruction of those perspectives? How can you overcome that resistance?

The answer is often to think in non-binary experiences. Come away from black and white, good and evil, right and wrong, male and female. See what happens when you experience the world in a more complex and intricate perspective of increasingly infinite experiences.

Adapt yourself through a kaleidoscope of contrasting opinions and attitudes to move beyond the limitations each hold in store for you. As you get comfortable with a natural fluidity of life and of self, you will catch glimpses of Oneness like never before. These glimpses will become glances, that eventually become long, lasting gazes into another way of experiencing all there is to know.

Post Author: Martyn Pentecost

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