Consultation Skills

Reiki Consultations

There are three elements to every Reiki modality session, which are:

  • The Consultation
  • The Treatment
  • The Feedback

We are usually trained in how to conduct a treatment and any professional Reiki Master will know the academic knowledge and legal implications of practice before ever stepping foot into a treatment room.

Those who have truly mastered their craft will not simply work through hand positions, tools and the academic learnings of their training. Instead they treat from their own perspective, having gained years of experience in the treatments completed and relationships they have nurtured.

Yet, most focus on the treatment aspect of the session and not the consultation and feedback elements. However, these are all part of the treatment and when matched in expertise and wisdom, with the treatment itself, can yield awe-inspiring results for client and practitioner.

Many settle for basic training or stock questionnaires, however a real consultation consists of a strategic framework of treatment and profiling. It is about knowing your client in the most holistic and tangible way—so as to offer them holistic and tangible treatment.

An effective and strategic consultation (and feedback session) relies on nine different factors. When the practitioner knows each of these in relation to their client, they will give a whole new sense of power and effectiveness in the healing that results from every treatment.

The nine aspects began with Universal Constants, Laws and Cycles and then progress into these three further tiers…

  • Subconscious habits of client—developed in childhood
  • Current emotional experience or state of client
  • Behavioural Modality of client—how they best achieve in life
  • Perceived Status of client—how they see themselves/their status in life
  • Their social evolutionary stage—how they process the world/life socially
  • Their community experience—how they best interact with others

When you combine these threes tiers/six elements, with the three Universal elements, you can devise a quick, yet deeply effective consultation strategy that is unique to your client, whilst giving you personally the way forward when conducting treatments.

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