The Ki to a Modern World

Reiki Modern Ki

In our 21st Century world, the ancient Japanese concept of Ki may seem somewhat strange, tending to be incongruous with our perception of how ‘things’ work in our physical reality. Yet, even as early as the 1920’s, scientists have known that our physical realm is not as we believe it to be.

We perceive our world through our senses, understanding that because we touch something it is real; that seeing is believing. However, the world that we can sense so well and that appears to be so real, is actually created entirely of energy, a force that is only detectable to a certain extent. Our senses have evolved through adaptation, mainly to ensure the survival of our physical bodies and are intensively focused upon this goal. Yet there is so much beyond the reach of our senses that in modern society we have become highly sceptical of. The arrogance of humankind is to believe that we each have a good grasp of ‘reality’ and what the ‘real world’ is like. In actuality, all we can truly know is our own version of reality!

From a scientific perspective, even the most sophisticated sensory machines can only detect a minute fraction of the energy, from which all is created, to a certain level of detail. What lies beyond the boundaries of our sensing equipment is the realm of mathematical theory and those who use their synaesthete abilities to sense what exists outside the range of average perception—and indeed even in these incidences, we can only speculate and hypothesise to the actual reality of what is experienced.

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