There Once was a Queen…


There once was a queen who was not a queen in title, but of behaviour. She would travel the land each and every day, seeking food from the world around her, tending to the trees and creatures that she would meet and offering kindness to all the people she came across.

Her journey had been long and full, yet she cherished every moment and each step. Although some days were frustrating, some quite frightening, she always remembered that this was her adventure and that every experience made her who she was.

This was how she had become a queen, not in title, but of behaviour. This is why all she met treated her with reverence and awe. It was why the trees would offer her their berries and nuts, and why the townsfolk and villagers she met would present her with fine baked goods and cooked meals from their tables.

And for each morsel, she was grateful—to the trees, to the people, to the Earth, For it was through them and her relationship with them, her adventures had context and meaning.

Post Author: Martyn Pentecost

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