Life’s Rewards


We cannot expect any rewards from life.

For life is reward enough.

This brief, fleeting blink-of-an-eye that we get is the very thing that is so precious. Our experiences are the gift, be they pleasurable or painful. And whilst we strive for the experiences that feel good; all moments contain treasure.

However, some are so adamant about avoiding the ‘bad’ stuff, they imprison themselves in what they know—the attitudes they have learnt and beliefs which are outdated and obsolete. For these offer shelter, protection and safety from the unknown.

The challenge, of course, is when you sit and wallow in what you know, it soon dies, rots and eventually turns to poo! When we are so engine in what we know, however, we do not notice this is what has happened; continuing to gorge ourselves on experiences that are failing to nourish and sustain us.

It is in the unknown that we experience what life has to offer—we find ourselves when we look in the places we have not looked before. And when we recognise this, we set ourselves free from the muck we no longer need.

Post Author: Martyn Pentecost

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