Design or Default… 

Celtic Reiki Design or Default

The Celtic Reiki Realm Mastery Home Experience in its current form took over four years to create.

From the grand design of developing a home study programme unlike anything that had been experienced before in Reiki Therapies, to the years of writing, scripting, recording, filming, editing, illustrating, designing and publishing, it did not happen by default.

Every concept was authored, drawn or hand coded, step by step, hour by hour. Yet, this was not all it took to create the Home Experience you know and love today… Before the very first word was committed to paper, or frame of video filmed, there was a whole other process that needed to happen.

This process was that of living… breathing, observing, thinking, feeling, discovering, laughing and crying. For me, it was a process of meeting and interacting with people just like you from all over the world.

With each moment of training others, to every aspect of my own learning, Celtic Reiki coalesced into something tangible and unique. However, she would not be who she is now without everything being exactly how it was and is.

When I first experienced Celtic Reiki, I had no masterplan or overarching strategy—it was an incident by default. Even those first, tentative steps of originating the early system were very much completed without any long-term scheme.

It was over a decade before my attention turned to what would happen to Celtic Reiki when I was no longer able to shepherd her through our physical world. I had experienced first hand the way people treated both Celtic Reiki and my own materials without respect and I wanted to secure her future… one with authenticity and integrity.

So, I set about developing the Home Experience by design; strategically planning and conceptualising what is now the Home Experience. And from that initial plan and subsequent refinement and additional sculpting, I then built each individual piece.

What is even more starling is that to truly recognise the vision I had in store, I needed to co-create an entire publishing company to publish materials… and from those early Celtic Reiki books and materials, mPowr Publishing was born.

I could never have achieved it without the help of people such as Richard, my partner in crime at mPowr Publishing or Linda, my first CR Home Experience Adventurer and now, Community Director.

The exact instant when the origination of Celtic Reiki stopped occurring by default and was achieved by design, I cannot say. However, I do know that when I reflect upon the first decade of default and the four years of design, Celtic Reiki transitioned from a very simple, three attunement system, to the world’s most complex, in-depth and innovative form of Reiki Modality.

And with the advent of further expansions due next year, who can say what the rest of this second decade will hold?

So, my question to you is this: If you have achieved what you have achieved thus far in your life—what could you achieve in the next four years if you create a plan; a strategy for the successes you want to attain and the legacy you want to create?

What would happen if you dedicated yourself step by step, moment by moment and developed every aspect of what you wanted, according to some greater, bolder vision of your life?

What impact could you have on the lives of others? What transformations could you offer the world? Who would you be… If you create your life by design and not default?

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