Jiki: The Rhythm of Life


Within the ancient philosophy of Ki, Jiki could be equated with the force of magnetism. It is the strange attraction and repulsion that brings whole nations together and rips families apart. Often described as the drum beat that we all March to, Jiki guides us through life by creating a series of dynamics that appear simple at first glance, yet stem from a complexity so vast that we cannot fathom the motivations of the unseen drummer.

Jiki is not bound up in some absolute ‘fate’ that leads us all along a rigid and unchangeable path, because the dynamics of Jiki can be altered. Particularly as Jiki can be thrown out of balance when the majority-will is so focused on a particular outcome that the rhythm becomes distorted. You see Jiki sculpts the dynamics of emotion, forming enough momentum to compel all things into striving for a common goal. When emotions are so high they become uncontrollable, Jiki will throw itself out of equilibrium  to get back in sync with the new emotional rhythm, whether or not this is conducive to anyone.

Now, Jiki is not emotion, nor is it the inspiration behind emotion (this is the domain of Denki), but Jiki is the downward pull of gravity that shapes the cascading waterfall of feelings that we experience each day. Jiki is responsible for the mightiest war and the most profound peace, it is a nod of acknowledgement in the street, or a lifelong friendship. It is the force that engages us in our life-path and journey we take in connection to others and the world we live in.

When individuals try to move away from the dynamics of Jiki, striving out on their own adventure, in defiance of what they have been told to do or be, they will either find the path so challenging that they are catapulted back into the majority perspective, will break away from the masses and become disassociated with the world around them, or they inspire others to follow them and guide us to a new future. The most powerful visionaries of all time are those who have had the courage to move away from the existing JIki rhythm and the perseverance to push against the tide of resistance and trauma that they faced along the way. Their resolve held out long enough for them to actually shift the dynamics of Jiki to their way of thinking and living.

Those who can consciously recognise the usually unnoticed dynamics of JIki gain an innate clarity of past events, a deep knowing of current situations and circumstance, plus the ability to foresee future events… and even change them if needed. These seemingly mystical powers are created when a person aligns their perspective with Jiki, through the experience of Tsuki (The Ki of the Moon and the conscious experience of Reiki).

Post Author: Martyn Pentecost

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