The Five of One

As a part of the newest therapy in my canon of origination (One), Celtic Reiki now exists as part of five distinct, yet integrated forms of therapeutic method.

The five aspects of One are:

Celtic Reiki


Karmic Regression Therapy


The Viridian Method

Each of these therapies encompasses its own element—elements which combine to create a powerful and interconnected range of experiences.

The Wood of Celtic Reiki, combines with the Earth of KRT, the Fire of vReiki, the Water of PsyQ and the Air of VM.

Yet, there are additional elements of One—The Space of Celtic Reiki, The Time of KRT, The Perspective of vReiki, The Perception of PsyQ and The Dimensions of VM.

Together these contrasting layers of therapy and method create and grow a form of therapy that is unlike anything else available. Traversing body, feelings, emotions, mind (conscious, unconscious and superconscious), transpersonal experience and spirituality—the scope of One, in a single therapy, is unprecedented.

These are merely words… words that define abstract concepts and methods. Words, based upon our limited and personal frame of reference.

What is of more relevance is a single word—One.

For we are all one… whether you understand this as yourself, your family, your community, your world or your Universe. Oneness is at the core of all things and the complex interrelationships of life that exist within that oneness are what inspire us to recognise and remember that we are all One.

The habit in life is to break things down into component parts—to approach our lives with a reductive and reactive mindset. When we break things down, we break them completely, for no system as complex as you, your family, your community, your world or your Universe can be truly known through broken pieces.

Thus, One is singularly about Oneness. How we sculpt our lives into living without the need to break things or reduce things to anything less than they are.

So, next time you come to work with Celtic Reiki, vReiki, KRT, PsyQ or VM, remember, they are fingers on a hand. The Five of One.

Post Author: Martyn Pentecost

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