The One of Celtic and Karma

In so many ways, Celtic Reiki and Karmic Reiki are therapeutic sisters; very different yet born at the same time and from similar experiences.

The experience of a fallen tree initiated my exploration of Celtic Reiki; an almost constant regime of pioneering and development over more than two decades. This sister has evolved from twenty essences and a handful of techniques into a vast, profound therapy.

With many layers of profiling, treatment and orientation, the original system is now explored in a single week… within a thirty-six week programme of training. Over the years, Celtic Reiki has absorbed and integrated many other styles of therapy, from Lemur and Atlantis4D, to Ascension Energy Therapy and The Key.

Whilst Celtic Reiki followed one path, Karmic Reiki expanded in a very different way… but remained the first few steps on a journey that would develop into Karmic Regression Therapy.

Here, the simple treatment method of the original system has expanded to include both Eastern and Western traditions of past lives, ancestral memory and vibrational miasma.

Expanding upon the approach of holographic medicine, how two profound life events can interact to offer us conscious experiences, it eventually allows us to transcend the nature of time altogether.

Whilst KRT represents time, Celtic Reiki reflect space and environment—the place within us and our community. Together these sisters form a journey through space and time… each striving toward the realisation that space and time are both symptoms of perception.

For the fundamental reality of our lives and experience of the Universal Constant are far less mechanical and more profound than we could ever have known in those early days, back in the nineties.

Post Author: Martyn Pentecost

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