Shinki: The Divine Ki


At the very core of Ki philosophy is  Shinki; the Divine, or the Ki of Kami (Kami is the Shinto concept of the Divine Source). Shinki is essentially non-physical thought (potential). The absolute awareness and vast intelligence of Shinki is so extensive that it knows all things that can be known.

The only thing that Shinki does not comprehend is, what it is not to be Shinki. To know everything in oneness and utter connection, presupposes there is no observer to see ‘outside’ this oneness. Thus, Shinki knows of true love, but has never been kissed for the first time; it understands the joy of birth, yet has never had the experience of being born; it recognises the rose in every turn of petal and prick of thorn, although Shinki has never been moved in awe at the perfume of a rose on a breezy summer’s day.

The need to exist outside of itself and to experience separation (and thus reflection) creates life purpose. It is this life purpose that starts an elaborate transformation of Shinki, where layer upon layer of intelligence is folded into an illusion of physicality.

This theme of intelligence and physical matter is integral to understanding the Universe within the philosophy of Ki. Shinki creates the illusion of the physical Universe by transforming itself. Conversely, once this deception is complete, it is also all-encompassing and so Shinki cannot affect the realms of physicality. For, whilst Shinki is intelligent beyond all things, it has no actual physical form of its own, so must create a means of bridging the non-physical and physical experience.

For an infinite source to know itself infinitely, an incomprehensible array of experiences need to be consciously explored. These ‘moments in time’ and the infinite perspectives that perceive these moments soon descend into chaos, so a blueprint is required. This ‘master plan’ defines everything that has ever happened, is happening, or can ever happen. It details every nuance and how every nuance is created. This master plan is Ishiki; the Ki of Consciousness.

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