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Reiki Holistic

In Reiki Mastery, we focus upon the nature of the Intelligent Force (Reiki) to glean a real appreciation for holism and how it benefits us as people. According to Shinto traditions, the Divine has an over-arcing strategy of ultimate wisdom and it is this which creates life purpose and therefore, life itself. It is the role of Reiki to ensure that the physical Universe is heading towards this ultimate goal, which it does by balancing and harmonising physical reality (the other facets of Ki).

The foundation principles of Reiki therapy reflect this philosophy inasmuch as, we are all born in oneness—we are all part of one Universe—yet we experience the illusion of separateness and isolation. To equip us for this lonely journey, we have a life purpose that is uniquely of the individual. When a person is not living to their life purpose (their passion or raison d’être), they become disconnected from the oneness and eventually become dis-eased at ever-increasing layers of being. When this happens, the physical symptoms are usually at the end of a very long ‘backstory’ of emotional, psychological, and spiritual trauma.

From a human perspective, if we even attempted to understand this vast and convoluted mix of experiences, we would soon lose track, yet Reiki in its powerful knowing, adheres to a simple lore… is a person reflecting their Divine oneness? If not, what needs to change for this to happen? Then Reiki sets about rebalancing and harmonising a person back to oneness, helping them remember that they are truly Divine in nature.

The holism of many Reiki modalities is simply that, whatever our treatment type, methodology, or particular perspective, we facilitate one thing: we create a conscious shift of ourselves and others so that we can experience our oneness. When this happens, any dis-eases, traumas, fears, and lost-ways are washed away.

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