Creating a Legacy – The Secrets of Living a Remarkable Life


Making an Impact 

Imagine your life a stroll along a magnificent beach… As the sun is glimpsed over the horizon, there is an air of expectancy at all the wonders to come. Then follows the vibrant power of the morning waves. The refreshing and warming heat of midday, where the waves crash upon the sand with majestic power. The gradual slowing of a hazy late afternoon leads us onwards to the peaceful serenity of evening and a poignant sunset at twilight. Finally, the gentle, comforting lapping of waves, guides us into the darkness beyond the day. And all the while, as you walk, you leave footprints behind you in the sand.

The footprints you create in the sand are not made in the past. They are not the memories of a morning spent in play, or forgotten moments before the sunrise. They are not created in the future from the desire to witness the crimson glory of the setting sun. The footprints we leave upon a beach are made in the present, the result of lifting our legs and pushing them forwards.

Your legacy is like these footprints made upon a beach – it is an indelible mark in time and history that expresses a very definite message to those who are yet to be born. Your legacy calls out to the world “I was here” and is the herald of your own unique greatness. Your legacy is not made in the past. It is not what you did or should have done. It is not created in the future; the result of what you want to happen or dream of doing. Legacy is a spark of the here and now, produced by the actions you take in the moment.

Understanding the notion of legacy, as well as the fragile nature in which it is created is the key to leading a remarkable life. For when you are inspired to make an impact on others through your own legacy, you are automatically compelled to lead a joyous and inspiring life! Yet, for many of us, the concept of legacy does not enter our awareness until we encounter a glimpse of death – through bereavement, dis-ease, or aging. This fleeting moment, when we comprehend our own longevity is the point when we understand life as the blink of an eye, a transitory glint of time, precious and made to be cherished.

A grain of sand is so reviled by an oyster that it spends a lifetime wrapping the sand up in layers of mucus; a pursuit that forms a beautifully translucent pearl. Our own death is that grain of sand, which we wrap our life around, thus developing the most wondrous legacy… the heritage of those who follow in our footsteps.

Every day we are driven to make sense of life and creating meaning from the chaotic, complex nature of the world. We are so enraptured by the distractions of our wants and bound up in the regrets, pains, or reminiscences of the past that we create our legacy by ‘default’. What people leave behind, in the majority of cases, was never planned or thought out, it just happened as a random collection of moments – a lifetime of fragments.

When you decide to design your legacy and create strategies for how to live it, you are connecting to a powerful magic – the alchemy of an iconic message. The bigger your plan, the more inspirational your mission, the greater degree of detail in your blueprint, the longer your legacy will last. And the most profound element of this process is that for very specific reasons, you are destined to succeed in the creation of your legacy…

Post Author: Martyn Pentecost

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