Kuki: the Zephyr, the Hurricane

Kuki Air

There are some interesting paradoxes between Denki and Kuki, which start with the idea that Kuki, despite being the Ki of Air, is actually more tangible than Denki, the Ki of Thunder. The second remarkable irony is that the Ki of Thunder is more like electricity and the Ki of Air is comparable to waves of sound.

In fact, we could view Kuki as being a noise that is carried on the breeze, or the echo that reverberates along a valley. It is the facet of Ki that is carried on the air. It is the space between all things or rather; that which appears to be space. For Kuki is actually an illusion because it is not space, it is a force like all the other facets of Ki, yet its role in the bigger scheme of things is to proffer the illusion that we are not connected.

Whenever we feel isolated or alone, whenever we limit ourselves or hold ourselves back, whenever we perceive the things we desire as being unobtainable or too far away: it is Kuki at work. It may therefore seem strange that such an isolating force can actually help us to carry out treatments or assist the healing process. The wonderful thing about Kuki is that in division we find unity, in singularity we discover ourselves and in limitation we grow abundance. For Kuki is not only a paradox when compared to Denki—it is a paradox in itself.

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