Kekki and Shioke: Universal Soul Mates


According to ancient Ki Lore, Kekki and Shioke are the basis for all things in the solid world; yet these two different facets of Ki are bound to each other eternally. For without each other, the physical world would merely be potential, lost in the infinite potential of the Divine (Shinki).

Kekki is the substance of Shinki; it provides matter to the form of Shioke and therefore cannot exist without its companion. Without its `other half’, bereft of Shioke, Kekki is simply Shinki. And so, Kekki is at once, all there is and nothing at all. Substance without structure is intangible, non-physical and unrealised in potential, regardless of context. For even the lump of clay has a structure by default. So, even at the very foundations of physical reality, the act of integral union is created; two separate and distinct types of force that come together to give birth to all things. Kekki is pure substance, integral to all there is, because without Kekki there would be no physical matter to begin with.

Shioke creates structure in the physical world; this is not the definition derived of Kuki (physical form), but an internal structure, or what we could view as `the way of things’. This inherent nature in the physical world gives strength and resilience to Kekki. These soul mates, solitary in their own being and autonomy, yet bound together in the creation of things. When together, the world exists; nevertheless, these two friends, lovers, kin remain divergent and contrasting. For each facet of Ki has its own role to play and by its very nature will be what it is. Thus, Kekki and Shioke never become each other – they remain true to their own self, but in each other’s presence, they form all things; each living cell and iron core, every drop of ocean and fallen leaf.

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