Guide to The Realms… Episode 1

Realms of Reiki

‘Holism in mind’

Back in 2008 I faced a dilemma that logic alone could not navigate. No matter how much I thought it through, I could not find a way forward or answer the questions that burned within me. I either devised so many possible scenarios that I was confused into inertia, or none at all, which fundamentally, had the same effect! Needless to say, I made decisions that were not my finest and encountered hurts that took a long time to heal.

So, I began exploring the idea of holistic thinking; something which had fascinated me for many years and which I had an extensive foundation in, from my therapy origination. Logic, rational thought, fact-based scepticism and linear focus comprise just one half of how we think. There is actually a whole other way of thinking that works in metaphor, symbolism, allegory, and a more child-like approach. Basically, we are talking about the left hemisphere of the brain and the right brain.

Creative people often have a right brain perspective, whilst those who are more analytical tend to work exclusively with a left-hemisphere way of thinking. What would happen, I postulated, if for every thought I had, I devised a thought in the other hemisphere? So, whenever I decided on the logical thing to do, I created a place inside myself where that thought could be a person, animal, plant, or some other ‘avatar’. If the thought then flourished and evolved upon many layers, I would not only have an affirmation of success with that particular thought, I would also have a deeper, richer appreciation of the resulting ‘solution’.

So, I set about creating the Realms; mystical, magical places within myself that would be the crucible of thought. What transpired surprised and excited me beyond measure, because these ‘Realms’ were not simply thought-based constructs of cerebral processes; I felt them, emotionally and spiritually. I had given attention to regions of my holistic being that breathed life into the Realms and made the experience of them very real for me. This was such an integral sensory and synaesthetic experience that I was able to share the Realms with others, who have also adopted this approach to perception, from their own unique perspective.

With each passing day, I journey through the Realms, developing a greater insight into all manner of things, from everyday situations to the greater questions of life, spirituality, and why things are the way they are. For example, a client may come to me with a question they have derived from an attitude of fear and worry about the future. I could simply think my way through a logical solution that may or may not assist them in moving forward. Instead, I create a ‘thought-bunny’. Thought-bunnies have a special place in the Realms for me – I call it The Warren of Overly Common.

The bunnies who live on Overly Common, spend their days munching on cowslips and pondering life, so they make perfect avatars for questions that need answering! Now, here is a remarkable aspect of the right-brain… it does not function under the constraints of linear processing or temporal experiences; in other words it is not bound by space or time. So, I can create the thought-bunny, send him off to nibble on dandelions and chew-over the questions at hand. Then I transition to a point in time where the bunny has grown older and wiser. What would be weeks, years, or a lifetime to the brain that is left, is nothing in terms of the right brain. Almost instantly, I’m able to access a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional wisdom that I can then translate back into the a left-hemisphere logic, or simply relate in metaphor, depending on the client’s perspective.

This could, of course, seem like a simple case of ‘imagination’ or even ‘delusion’; and this would be a typical left brain response, particularly if the person’s left and right hemispheres don’t ‘get along together’. However, the Realms never sleep and constantly evolve in scope and depth… they are complex-problem-solvers that transform challenges into opportunities. Each region of the Realms immediately presents us with access to solutions and pathways that would take many lifetimes for us to comprehend with a ‘rational approach’. The Realms constantly surprise and offer immense wonder, plus they reintroduce us to a part of our psyche that we usually have forgotten – the child we once were. As we embark on adventures in the Realms with our child-like perspective, we transcend boundaries and move beyond fear, worry, and other ‘adult’ play-things.

Of course, this is my way of thinking holistically, you may have or might like to create your own perspective. There is no right or wrong way, despite what your left-brain might tell you! For the right brain is not governed by right or wrong, she celebrates diversity and marvels at uniqueness; he is totally unflappable and will enable you to integrate aspects of yourself that do not communicate through linguistic means. When we recognise the fragmentation that has occurred over our lifetime and begin to coalesce those fractured pieces, we create a holarchy within – one that does not give precedence to cold, unwavering logic, but instead treats every perspective equally and allows each person to dialogue as a whole person, not just the bits that are left.

But that, of course, is another story…

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