One Therapy: Karmic Reiki and Karmic Regression Therapy

Welcome to the Realms of Karmic Reiki and Karmic Regression Therapy!

As you know, Celtic Reiki is just one of five aspects of One Therapy…

…the other facets include: vReiki, PsyQ, The Viridian Method and Karmic Regression Therapy.

Each modality of therapy add its own unique perspective to create an overarching, powerful form of professional therapy, personal develop and mastery.

With this is mind, we are very proud to announce the launch of the Karmic Reiki and Karmic Regression Therapy Practitioner Home Experience!

This unique stream of One Therapy seeks to move our experience of life beyond time and time addiction, helping you to treat karmic patterns and behaviour associated with the karmic realms—to clear ancestral trauma and work holographically with your birth and death experiences—and to experience the mysterious V State.

The four week training course will enable you to obtain accredited qualification in Karmic Reiki and Karmic Regression Therapy.

One qualified, you can not only treat others using the five different aspects of KR/KRT, you will be another step closer to being a One Therapist!

For further information, see the Official KRT Website, or step over here to begin your adventure…

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