The Reiki Therapy Digest—August 2018 Week 1

Another Reiki-modality-crammed week has seen a variety of questions asked on Quora—questions that relate to various aspects of Reiki philosophy, therapy and mastery.

Here is a round up of the top 5 answers from Martyn, this week…

Help with sending reiki to a specific upcoming date?

When we view a date as in the future or in the past, we are just reflecting how they are encoded in our minds. So, a past date is in memory, whilst a future date is a hope, dream or, in some cases, worry.

When we look beyond our time-addiction—which is very challenging!—we appreciate that the moment we define as now and the moment we define as another date exist as one—it is our perception that differentiates them; seeing them as separate from each other.

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What are the feelings that I feel when I receive Reiki?

If Reiki (the force) is truly as the ancient Shinto philosophy describes it, it is eternal and infinite. Reiki is everywhere at all times—it is the source of all balance and harmony in the Universe, constantly striving to attain that Shinki perfection, through which everything is given purpose.

The greatest challenge within our Reiki modality community lies within the teaching. We are taught to externalise a Universal Constant (Reiki) which, by its very nature, is within all things. We are indoctrinated into terminology, such as ‘send’, ‘receive’, ‘flow’, ‘channel’ and so on. We reduce oneness into many—the singular energy of all things , into the ‘energies’ of you and I and them and that.

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Does Pranic Healing improve Reiki? 

According to Mikao Usui, there are four cornerstones to Usui Reiki Ryoho, which are: self-treatment, treatment of others, cultivation and empowerment.

When we look to the foundations of these cornerstones, we see two are focused on the self (self-treatment and cultivation), whilst the other two involve other people. In the case of empowerment, we are empowered by our Usui Reiki Master and when treating others, we are in many ways, empowering them.

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Is there any such thing as Reiki?

Our understanding of Reiki as a ‘force’ is derived from Shintoism and encompasses over 10,000 years of ancient culture. Reiki is a Universal Constant (it is infinite and eternal), according to the traditions. It is a harmonising force that always seeks to find a natural balance in the world.

Then we have modalities of Reiki therapy; the most common of these being, Usui Reiki Ryoho (often used in the reductive form of ‘Reiki’). There are now hundreds of different modalities of Reiki therapy that are as varied in style and philosophy as the people who work with those therapies.

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How can I stop feeding myself negative spiritual energy when doing reiki?

Very often what many would call ‘negative energy’ is firstly not ‘negative’, as this means an ‘absence of energy’ or ‘less than zero energy’. All things are energy in some form or another, so ‘less than zero energy’? No.

When using the term ‘negative energy’ we often mean, a form of energy or experience that is unpleasant—either in the pain it causes, the results we achieve or the ongoing effects of the experience, etc.

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