The Reiki Therapy Digest—August 2018 Week 2

Another Reiki-modality-crammed week has seen a variety of questions asked on Quora—questions that relate to various aspects of Reiki philosophy, therapy and mastery.

Here is a round up of the top 5 answers from Martyn, this week…

Does Reiki Really Work?

Before I answer, let me offer a perspective that may seem to be purely about semantics, however Reiki therapy is deeply guided by thought/intent, so the results we achieve are influenced by the way each of us thinks.

For example… Let’s say that anything, it is possible for you to achieve in the Universe is possible for you to achieve. Yet, if you tell yourself that you cannot achieve something (that you could actually achieve), you shut that possibility down.

Until you change you thoughts, you won’t change the possibilities.

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Should people pay for massage and reiki?


By paying for Reiki therapy treatments and massage treatments you are supporting your therapist so they can continue pay their bills and help others.

There are two standards in this dialogue…

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Can reiki help in healing a broken relationship?

Answering this from a Shinto perspective of Reiki philosophy and a vReiki therapy slant, you can heal realtionships with Reiki modality treatments… although the focus here is usually on all your relationships, rather than one targeted relationship (why limit yourself to one healed relationship when you can heal many?).

In other words, when you treat your relationships with Reiki, you are doing so Universally. This is because relationships are created and nurtured by Denki—the Ki of Thunder.

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Can you send distance reiki?

For me, the answer exists not in the justification of Reiki or through delving into the practises of Reiki therapy (Usui or otherwise), but in the question itself.

If I were to ask you the question—why do we breathe?

You might answer—because we need air to live and breathing is the body’s way of getting air from the outside to the inside! (Or something to that effect)

If I asked you—Can I breathe?

You might scratch you head, because the very fact I asked the question, implies that I am breathing! If I am breathing, the answer is in the question and asking that question is moot.

Now, how does this apply to the question here?

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How can a person give themselves a Reiki attunement?

For over 25 years, I have been originating forms of therapy. Some of these include modalities of energy therapy and Reiki therapy. And as such, did not stem from the formal attunement process associated with Usui Reiki and many other Reiki therapy modalities.

Celtic Reiki was developed after an experience with a pine tree—so you could say I was ‘attuned’ through touching the tree.

Karmic Reiki (Karmic Regression Therapy) came about through treating others with Reiki therapies. There was not formal attunement, it just happened spontaneously.

I originated vReiki as a conscious act—I wanted to develop a therapy modality based upon the Shinto traditions of Reiki, not the Usui method (so a form that incorporates all the other facets of Ki, such as Jiki, Denki and Kuki, for example).

For this, I ‘attuned’ myself.

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If you have any questions for Martyn about Reiki modalities, such as Celtic Reiki, Karmic Reiki, vReiki and other elements of One Therapy, please ask them over at Quora and then request Martyn answer them.

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