The Reiki Therapy Digest—September 2018 Week 1

Another Reiki-modality-crammed week has seen a variety of questions asked on Quora—questions that relate to various aspects of Reiki philosophy, therapy and mastery.

Here is a round up of the top 5 answers from Martyn, this week…

What is the training needed to practice Reiki sessions?

Please permit me to offer some very important advice…

…The training you’ll need depends on whether you are treating people professionally (or not for payment/family and friends/etc.) AND your country/region of practice.

In a lot of cases, the answers presented here by other Quoran experts are accurate. However, in some territories you are required by law to have…

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What is the difference between reiki and tai chi?

Tai Chi is based in the Chinese tradition of Qi—a Universal force from which the I Ching was developed. In Qi philosophy, there is a sense of direction (the bagua/compass points/sectors) the elements (fire, wood, metal, water, earth), and action or state (Sheng Qi, Si Qi, and so on).

Qi is said to exist in the Heavens, the Earth and in each of us. It flows through our meridian system—a series of discrete channels that traverse the body from our toes to the top of our heads, our fingers to our core.

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Who is the best reiki master in the world?

Interesting question! And one that demonstrates a very Western perspective of Reiki therapy!

Reiki therapies are holistic practices—they stem from an experience of whole-ness and oneness.

When we consider this globally and historically…

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Is Reiki a study worth your effort to relieve stress and anxiety?

Thank you for this wonderful question—can I begin with a question?

Okay, two questions! When you say stress and anxiety, are you referring to low-level stress/anxiety that many of us feel in our hectic lives, or is this a level of stress/anxiety that actually hinders living a regular life?

According to the Shinto foundations surrounding Ki, Reiki is the facet of Ki, tasked with balancing and harmonising the other seven facets of Ki with greater physicality (those said to create the physical world).

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Can Reiki help heal an undiagnosed physical problem?

According to the ancient Shinto philosophy of Ki, Reiki is the balancing and harmonising force of the Universe. Whenever things are moving into balance, the driving force behind that dynamic is Reiki.

As such, Reiki is constantly striving to balance the imbalanced—to create harmony. When we are dis-eased, this can hinder or stop that balancing process from taking place.

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If you have any questions for Martyn about Reiki modalities, such as Celtic Reiki, Karmic Reiki, vReiki and other elements of One Therapy, please ask them over at Quora and then request Martyn answer them.

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