Celtic Reiki Comes of Age—The CR Seer

To celebrate twenty-one years of Celtic Reiki, the CR Seer Home Experience is now available for you to explore.


In 2019, we are still shackled by the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The Victorian rewriting of ancient cultural wisdom still permeates everything we know, see and feel. And whilst the past 10,000 years of history may be veiled in mystery, there is no reason why we should not be free to define our own experience of the world for the next 10,000 years.


As creatives, performers, philosophers, artists and poets, as free spirits and forward thinkers, as pioneers and seers, our path need no longer be trapped by the repression and dogma of the past two-hundred years.


The loneliness felt by those of us who are yet to express themselves into the world—and felt heard by others—is immense and very isolating. Most feel misunderstood or wrong in some way.


This is not because they are wrong; they are simply comparing themselves to definitions that no longer work for us. Binaries that conflict, conquer or collapse, rather than paradigms which form cradles of nurture and empowerment.


We have been trained by the last two centuries to confine Reiki traditions to a strict and dogmatic healing regime. Yet, Reiki is a balancing force—a universal constant—that can be applied to many perspectives and pathways.


The creative can excel through the Reiki experience, just as the healer may. All we need do is gaze a little differently into the ether… to appreciate ourselves a little differently.


The Seer is a revolutionary new experience of Reiki modality, blended with a unique view on Celtic traditions. For, once we move beyond the cultural appropriation of the Celts, we see a complete untold history. One where the non-Celt (and victor of those binary conflicts) told us who they are.


When you listen carefully, you hear the song of the Celts, as sung by the Celts; not the Greeks, the Romans or the Victorians.


You will see their art, their fashion, their adornment. You will know that, through their cultural designs, they spread their narrative across Europe in ways the non-Celt could never know.


The is the craft of the CR Seer… the one who blends East and West to not only discover a personal truth, but also to contextualise a profound legacy. One where the force of balance levels us to the place where we, like our ancestors, are heard for millennia to come.


The Celtic Reiki Seer Home Experience is now available for a short time at a special introductory investment of $149. (Saving $50 on the usual price.)

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