Tsuki: the Ki of the Moon

The underlying dynamics of the physical world are experienced at varying degrees of consciousness. From the perspective of Ki philosophy; if each aspect of Ishiki exists in potential, the Tsuki equivalent would be the complete understanding of this aspect as it exists in the physical world. For example, if the potential for an entire ocean […]

An Introduction to Synaesthesia

Synaesthesia is often defined as a mixing or cross-mapping of sensory experience. The phenomena results in a person experiencing one sense, based on the information of another. For example, some people see sounds as flashes of colour, others may experience a taste on hearing certain words. There are many different forms of synaesthesia, which range […]

The One of Celtic and Karma

In so many ways, Celtic Reiki and Karmic Reiki are therapeutic sisters; very different yet born at the same time and from similar experiences. The experience of a fallen tree initiated my exploration of Celtic Reiki; an almost constant regime of pioneering and development over more than two decades. This sister has evolved from twenty […]

The Legend of Hobbs Cross

On the very outskirts of town, in a little cobbled corner of Romanknowes there lies a darkness. Not a darkness as we might associate with the nighttime, but a strange intangible gloom; descending upon that little cobbled corner in such a way as to make it always seem as if the light of Grandmother sun […]

The Five of One

As a part of the newest therapy in my canon of origination (One), Celtic Reiki now exists as part of five distinct, yet integrated forms of therapeutic method. The five aspects of One are: Celtic Reiki vReiki Karmic Regression Therapy PsyQ The Viridian Method Each of these therapies encompasses its own element—elements which combine to […]