Celtic Reiki Comes of Age—The CR Seer

To celebrate twenty-one years of Celtic Reiki, the CR Seer Home Experience is now available for you to explore.   In 2019, we are still shackled by the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The Victorian rewriting of ancient cultural wisdom still permeates everything we know, see and feel. And whilst the past 10,000 years of history […]

Announcing: Celtic Reiki Seer—a new perspective of Celtic Reiki!

Over the past ten years, a parallel experience of Celtic Reiki has been percolating away behind the scenes. This transformative modality of Celtic Reiki takes some incomprehensible questions and offers very real answers to those who experience it. Based on the philosophy of creating a deep, resonant impact on the world for 10,000 years, we […]

The One of Celtic and Karma

In so many ways, Celtic Reiki and Karmic Reiki are therapeutic sisters; very different yet born at the same time and from similar experiences. The experience of a fallen tree initiated my exploration of Celtic Reiki; an almost constant regime of pioneering and development over more than two decades. This sister has evolved from twenty […]

The Five of One

As a part of the newest therapy in my canon of origination (One), Celtic Reiki now exists as part of five distinct, yet integrated forms of therapeutic method. The five aspects of One are: Celtic Reiki vReiki Karmic Regression Therapy PsyQ The Viridian Method Each of these therapies encompasses its own element—elements which combine to […]

Know Thy Client—Holistic Reiki Treatments versus Symptomatic History

People are so complex and nuanced that to sum them up through a brief consultation, to the point where we can offer effective treatment, is virtually impossible. Thus, as professional holistic therapists we usually resign ourselves to stock questionnaires that define the basics, such as age, gender and medical history. Forever seeking to place our […]

Create Success with Celtic Reiki

“I always find that each section of the realms is an exciting challenge and adventure.” (Jennifer – Realm Master Student) I want to build a successful Celtic Reiki business Whatever your reason for wanting to build your success with a Celtic Reiki business the Realm Master training will enable you to: build on your desire […]

Using Celtic Reiki to develop a Flourishing Professional Practice

People often discover Celtic Reiki because they are searching for something that can help them to help others in a profound way. You may also want to start working in a professional role with clients—to bring comfort, healing, inspiration and personal transformation. This professional level of Celtic Reiki training, the Mystic Mastery degree, is designed to […]

Celtic Reiki for Health and Wellbeing

“This is truly the deep core healing power of Celtic Reiki… like a warm blanket, it soothes & comforts.” (Linda – Realm Master) 4 Secrets to Health and Joyous Living with Celtic Reiki The stresses and strains of modern living can have an enormous effect on your health and sense of wellbeing. Becoming a Celtic Reiki […]

Your Perspective, Your Reiki…

Usui Reiki, as a modality and an art-form, has long been associated with healing and spiritual development. From the earliest traditions of Usui Sensei, there is a deep-rooted mission for nurturing ourselves and others through enlightenment. This was honed further into a practice that focused more on holistic healing, and was eventually packaged and branded […]