One Therapy: Karmic Reiki and Karmic Regression Therapy

Welcome to the Realms of Karmic Reiki and Karmic Regression Therapy! As you know, Celtic Reiki is just one of five aspects of One Therapy… …the other facets include: vReiki, PsyQ, The Viridian Method and Karmic Regression Therapy. Each modality of therapy add its own unique perspective to create an overarching, powerful form of professional […]

When Death Comes Creeping

The very last moment before death is an intriguing one. The impending and devastating event that follows is incomprehensible to our conscious mind, yet we still attempt to rationalise it, to reason with it and to understand it. As a seven-year-old child, death crept up on me in a mere moment, when the mundane routine […]