The Five of One

As a part of the newest therapy in my canon of origination (One), Celtic Reiki now exists as part of five distinct, yet integrated forms of therapeutic method. The five aspects of One are: Celtic Reiki vReiki Karmic Regression Therapy PsyQ The Viridian Method Each of these therapies encompasses its own element—elements which combine to […]

Consultation Skills

There are three elements to every Reiki modality session, which are: The Consultation The Treatment The Feedback We are usually trained in how to conduct a treatment and any professional Reiki Master will know the academic knowledge and legal implications of practice before ever stepping foot into a treatment room. Those who have truly mastered […]

An Intelligent Force

Thought creates the physical world into being. A spark, an idea, a vision can burst into life; transforming the world around us (and within us) in truly miraculous ways. Contrary to popular understanding, thought is not exclusively the function of an individual person, but a transpersonal and Universal phenomenon. Thoughts interweave into complex and sometimes […]

Create Success with Celtic Reiki

“I always find that each section of the realms is an exciting challenge and adventure.” (Jennifer – Realm Master Student) I want to build a successful Celtic Reiki business Whatever your reason for wanting to build your success with a Celtic Reiki business the Realm Master training will enable you to: build on your desire […]

Using Celtic Reiki to develop a Flourishing Professional Practice

People often discover Celtic Reiki because they are searching for something that can help them to help others in a profound way. You may also want to start working in a professional role with clients—to bring comfort, healing, inspiration and personal transformation. This professional level of Celtic Reiki training, the Mystic Mastery degree, is designed to […]