An Introduction to Synaesthesia

Synaesthesia is often defined as a mixing or cross-mapping of sensory experience. The phenomena results in a person experiencing one sense, based on the information of another. For example, some people see sounds as flashes of colour, others may experience a taste on hearing certain words. There are many different forms of synaesthesia, which range […]

When Death Comes Creeping

The very last moment before death is an intriguing one. The impending and devastating event that follows is incomprehensible to our conscious mind, yet we still attempt to rationalise it, to reason with it and to understand it. As a seven-year-old child, death crept up on me in a mere moment, when the mundane routine […]

Know Thy Client—Holistic Reiki Treatments versus Symptomatic History

People are so complex and nuanced that to sum them up through a brief consultation, to the point where we can offer effective treatment, is virtually impossible. Thus, as professional holistic therapists we usually resign ourselves to stock questionnaires that define the basics, such as age, gender and medical history. Forever seeking to place our […]

Technology, Information and Business—The Modern Spirituality?

People seek answers—it is at the very core of the human experience to search for truth. Yet, preconceived notions of what an answer is can often taint the real answer to our most profound questions. When it comes to modern spirituality, most are pushed too far from their comfort zone to recognise how humankind is now […]

Consultation Skills

There are three elements to every Reiki modality session, which are: The Consultation The Treatment The Feedback We are usually trained in how to conduct a treatment and any professional Reiki Master will know the academic knowledge and legal implications of practice before ever stepping foot into a treatment room. Those who have truly mastered […]

Retrain for Success—Reiki training was not created equal… 

Many of us, when first seeking out Reiki training, have a rather vaguer idea of what to expect or what to look for. Often we will plump for somebody local or the online training company that promises the most ‘powerful’ results, or the ‘right’ way of ‘using’ Reiki. Even if we have some foundation in […]

An Intelligent Force

Thought creates the physical world into being. A spark, an idea, a vision can burst into life; transforming the world around us (and within us) in truly miraculous ways. Contrary to popular understanding, thought is not exclusively the function of an individual person, but a transpersonal and Universal phenomenon. Thoughts interweave into complex and sometimes […]