CR Seer Training

The CR—Seer Home Experience

There are times when most people feel ignored by others; when they look out into the world and feel completely misunderstood by everyone around them. Perhaps you feel like that more than most…

Maybe, you have something burning deep within you—a profound desire to share your message with the world. To create something bigger than your own lifetime will ever allow you to do. For you are the Seer and it is time to create that world-changing legacy.

When you feel that you don’t quite fit in with the world, it can tinge every experience in life with a sense of loneliness—a loneliness that may be quiet and in the background, or might be overwhelming and profound. You feel unheard, unrecognised, unseen. And, in turn, you feel less able to hear, recognise and see others.

You may find it challenging to fit into the existing norms: the regular ways of thinking, behaving or communicating. This forms a powerful, creative tension; a tension which rewards with enormous wisdom for you and others. When you step into your Seership, you are able to explore the past, to recognise the value of ancient and modern traditions, both Western and Eastern. However, you are not trapped or defined by them.

Through your Seership, you look beyond the current reality to the world that could be. And you call those around you to work for something richer, deeper and more expansive. Through a creative, evolved vision of yourself, the world and the future, you will inspire, liberate and change the world. Discover how to be heard, recognised and seen by those who are desperately seeking your message of a new reality.

In this Home Experience, Martyn Pentecost the originator of Celtic Reiki, invites you to strip away the dogma that defines you and overcome the restrictive tactics that others use to imprison you in a seemingly lonely existence. He encourages you to reclaim your true uniqueness and define yourself through your own insight and creative vision. He challenges you to embrace your full potential as a Celtic Reiki Seer: influencing, inspiring and impacting many lives through your legacy.

  • 4 weeks on online, digital training in the Home Experience Realms
  • Regular email guidance from Martyn Pentecost
  • A luxury Printed and Illustrated Book
  • Hours of video and audio mentoring
  • Access to the Seership areas of the Celtic Reiki Community
  • Certification as a Celtic Reiki Seer

“I love the concept and lay-out of the course, and words will always fall short to explain things, but to me, it’s a cross between Reiki and Harry Potter – it’s definitely an enchanting course, which makes for an enchanted lifestyle.”

Francis, Realm Master Student

For the same price as buying the manuals from you can get the manual and the online training—exclusive to

To Step into Celtic Reiki Seership…

Investment: $199.99

(The manual is priced the same at Amazon, etc. BUT does not include the free bonus training.)