Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful information About Celtic Reiki and One Therapy Training Programmes

This FAQ is launching in August 2019 and will be updated and expanded over time – if your question isn’t covered here or in the community pop your question to info@celtic-reiki.com.

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The One Therapy Practitioner Home Experience

Q. Can I upgrade from one course to the full One Therapy Practitioner Home Experience?

Q. How do I get certified as a One Therapy Practitioner?

Q. What is the promo pricing (current Aug 2019) and the standard pricing?

Q. With the two-year training period how do I manage holidays or breaks?

INFO: A unique opportunity in the future for those who are early students of the One Therapy Practitioner Home Experience

Celtic Reiki Realm Mastery

Q. How can Realm Masters train their own students?

A Community of Professionals

INFO: The next few years of development