One Therapy: Karmic Reiki and Karmic Regression Therapy

Welcome to the Realms of Karmic Reiki and Karmic Regression Therapy! As you know, Celtic Reiki is just one of five aspects of One Therapy… …the other facets include: vReiki, PsyQ, The Viridian Method and Karmic Regression Therapy. Each modality of therapy add its own unique perspective to create an overarching, powerful form of professional […]

The One of Celtic and Karma

In so many ways, Celtic Reiki and Karmic Reiki are therapeutic sisters; very different yet born at the same time and from similar experiences. The experience of a fallen tree initiated my exploration of Celtic Reiki; an almost constant regime of pioneering and development over more than two decades. This sister has evolved from twenty […]

The Five of One

As a part of the newest therapy in my canon of origination (One), Celtic Reiki now exists as part of five distinct, yet integrated forms of therapeutic method. The five aspects of One are: Celtic Reiki vReiki Karmic Regression Therapy PsyQ The Viridian Method Each of these therapies encompasses its own element—elements which combine to […]