Realm Mastery Training

Celtic Reiki Realm Mastery

Celtic Reiki Realm Master Training

Embark on your Realm Mastery adventure!

This level of Celtic Reiki is currently the most advanced training available. When you complete the training you will be able to work with yourself, family and friends to offer Celtic Reiki treatments for health and wellbeing. You will also be qualified to work professionally with clients 1-1 using the techniques and material you have mastered. You will, most importantly, be certified and licensed to teach Celtic Reiki to others and run your own Celtic Reiki training company. Included in this 38-week training:

  • Downloadable Foundation Mastery Guide
  • Downloadable Foundation Essences Manual
  • 1-hour Celtic Reiki Self-Treatment (can be repeated)
  • Certification as a Celtic Reiki Foundation Master (emailed pdf)
  • Four Printed and Illustrated Book Manuals for Mystic Mastery (600+ pages) – The Celtic Reiki Encyclopaedia; The Adventurer’s Guide, The Master’s Companion; and The Three Mystics.
  • 21 Orientations: Foundation Mastery, Mystic Mastery and Realm Mastery
  • Many hours of video and audio mentoring
  • Profiling tools to enable personal mastery
  • Business development strategies for successful professional practice
  • Certification as a Celtic Reiki Mystic Master on successful completion of the assessment (emailed pdf)
  • Two exclusive full-colour illustrated Realm Mastery manuals (400+ pages): The Realm Master Almanac and The Secrets of Celtic Reiki Realm Mastery (shipped when the Mystic Mastery training section is completed)
  • Advanced training in the philosophies and techniques of Mystic Mastery
  • Strategies for effective training
  • Tools for holistic and authentic business development
  • Exclusive online training material: audio, video, text, etc.
  • Access to the Foundation Mastery, Mystic Mastery and Realm Mastery areas of the Celtic Reiki Community
  • Assessment and certification as a Celtic Reiki Realm Master upon successful completion of the assessment (printed certificate)
  • Initial licence to train others to Foundation, Mystic, and Realm Master degrees
  • Access to mPowr training materials for licensed Realm Masters to use with their own students

“The audio explanations just really brought it home for me. The calibrations [Orientations] are just brilliant as well. They allow for a very deep level of trance. They help achieve the state at which we can truly absorb information and begin to shift.”

(Christine – Realm Master Student)

Train as a practitioner of Celtic Reiki, then progress to teacher qualification.

Investment: $1499.