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What is Celtic Reiki?

Celtic Reiki is a form of holistic therapy that helps connect you to the natural world around you. In the same way as a stroll through a forest, or a day at the beach can refresh, relax, and invigorate, Celtic Reiki philosophy recognizes that by reconnecting to the Earth we can improve our health and sense of wellbeing. Life, especially in large towns or cities, can disconnect us from nature. We feel separate or distinct from the world and the cycles of life. Many of the innate sensory and perceptive skills we possess have become atrophied, whilst our species has become very disrespectful of home, ourselves, and the very things we need to survive, such as air, water, and a stable environment.

Celtic Reiki is vibrational in essence; working with the philosophy that all things are created and permeated by a universal force. In quantum philosophy this could be seen as energy interacting as particles (the Universe interacting itself into being), and in ancient cultures, this was seen as an all-encompassing life-force which is expressed by many names and philosophies. ‘Ki’ is the term used by the Shinto and Taoist traditions and is believed to exist in various different ‘flavors’ or types, such as Shinki, Jiki, and Reiki.

By shifting our perspective to one more akin with Reiki, we experience the subtle, yet extraordinary wisdom and power of this life-force. Celtic Reiki practice uses this expanded awareness to shift us towards the natural world. A Celtic Reiki Master shifts their viewpoint of a situation using ‘essences’ and can help others to heal or expand their own perspective. Using Tree, Mineral, Stellar, and other forms of essence, the treatments conducted by Celtic Reiki Mystics realign us with the Earth and therefore create a natural healing process, using the body’s own mechanisms. Master practices extend this, to enable other people to ‘calibrate’ to a Reiki perspective for themselves.

By adjusting our viewpoint to one that is closer to the natural world, we awaken our inner-senses and become more resonant with the indigenous cultures of the world, such as the ancient Celts of Western Europe. This blending of historical beliefs and cultures helps us to learn from tradition, but in a modern perspective which helps us transcend the traumas and challenges of modern life.

The Foundations of Celtic Reiki

The Celtic Reiki method was pioneered by Martyn Pentecost, a British therapist and personal development mentor. Initially taking the approach of forming a synthesis between Reiki practice and Celtic philosophy, the system used 18 original essences (the vibrations of trees) and a handful of methods derived from Usui Reiki practice. This foundation was evolved by the originator and other Celtic Reiki Masters over several years, until in 2009, Pentecost re-worked the system to include multiple layers of practice.

At this point, Celtic Reiki was viewed more as a form of communication or ‘Lost Language’, although rather than a verbal communication, this was more of a sharing or guiding back to wellbeing. Energy was no longer seen as projected or ‘given’ – it was now seen as experienced in the same way as we glean knowledge from a conversation. Essences came to represent the perspective, or viewpoint of a particular species of tree, or type of mineral, etc. These possessed their own vibrations, in the same way that sound has a vibration, however, the vital aspect of the Essence ethos is now in the expansion of perspective, rather than the vibrations it produces.

Celtic Reiki Realm Mastery consists of different experiences and areas of knowledge, which combine into a powerful form of treatment style, method of spiritual growth, and personal-development system. These consist of: Essences, Techniques, Realms, Mystics, Lores, Orientations, and Calibrations.

The Celtic Philosophy

Various themes that are found in Celtic Reiki Mastery originate from the philosophies and beliefs of the Celtic people of Western Europe. These core principles affect the way we work with Reiki and how we present ourselves professionally, creating distinct contrasts between Celtic Reiki Mastery and other forms of therapeutic practices. Of course, things have changed since the Celts’ time and the philosophies of Celtic Reiki reflect this through the notion of a ‘Global Sphere Perspective’. In other words, the essence of the Celtic philosophies are at the heart of a modern approach to our therapy.

The initial philosophy we view as important is a sense of community, where we recognise the importance of our own community and those of other people. Sharing our experiences, supporting each other and growing together are an important part of daily life in the Celtic Community. We all walk our own paths, yet when we come together in person, or online, we use our experiences as a way of finding commonality and shared perspective.

Thus, the Celtic Reiki community is not based upon exclusivity, but on celebration of our diversity. We are all unique, and it is our differences that make a community what it is. No tree in a forest is more ‘right’ or ;wrong’ than any other; they do not have a hierarchy, or does any one tree exist in complete separation from any other. All trees experience the entire forest (and beyond that, the Earth) from their own perspective. The trees of the forest live as a holarchy, an interrelated, bio-ecosystem that exists for the most part in balance and harmony.

The Celts were also very aware of their Earth-self. The understanding that we are not disconnected from the Earth, or separate from her. We are the Earth, and he is us. No matter how far we travel or what we do in our lives, we can never travel far from the fact that every part of our being is part of the Earth and every action we take is the an experience of the Earth. The Celts had a profound understanding of this and it was a vital part of their cultural heritage. Whilst we may live in cities and towns, we are still part of the natural world, even though we often forget this.

The Celtic Reiki ethos is focused upon proactively remembering the perspectives of our Celtic ancestors and reintroducing those perspectives into our lives. Doing so offers us holistic healing, a happier lifestyle, and a deep wisdom of something integral to us, yet lost through time.

The Reiki Revolution

There is a wide and diverse array of Reiki practices in the world. Some of these are based in the traditions of the originator of Usui Reiki (Mikao Usui) and the various styles that have been derived from this, whilst others take a contrasting view to Reiki practices. With all these diverse methodologies and unique personal perspectives, there is much to celebrate amongst those who practise some form of Reiki method. Most agree that connection to Reiki is an overwhelming and magical experience, yet this does not always translate to the behaviour of some.

The Reiki Revolution began in 2004, with the creation of vReiki, a vast new system that reworks our perspective of what Reiki is and how it can be experienced in exciting and challenging ways. The concept of different facets of Ki and how they all interrelate is a profound evolution in perspective for many and has facilitated the creation of several different methodologies, from Reiki NRG, to the Realm Mastery of Celtic Reiki and even elements of the business and personal development system, The Key!

The basic premise of vReiki is that Ki exists in nine different physical facets, which are: Ishiki, Reiki, Tsuki, Jiki, Denki, Kuki, MItzuke, Shioke, Kekki. These are all part of a non-physical ‘reflection’ of Ki, Shinki. Each physical facet creates a different dynamic, or way of behaving, and it is these which create and drive our Universe. In this model, Reiki is believed to be the harmonizer and balancer of the other facets (from Jiki to Kekki). When these facets are imbalanced, because of behaviour or trauma of some kind, the connection to a Reiki perspective can help us realign our natural balance.

The vReiki principles mean that we can peer through the Reiki perspective to interact with Tsuki, Jiki, and all the other facets of Ki, including Shinki. This translates to other forms of vReiki practice, such as vJiki and vDenki, as well as providing a foundation for Celtic Reiki Mastery.




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