Foundation Mastery Training

Celtic Reiki Foundation Mastery

The Celtic Reiki Foundation Master Experience

This training in Celtic Reiki introduces the basic philosophies and techniques over two weeks. When you have completed the training you will be able to use what you learn to help increase your own health and wellbeing. During the training you will be encouraged to start working with yourself and close family and friends. Included in the training:

  • Downloadable Foundation Mastery Guide
  • Downloadable Foundation Essences Manual
  • 1-hour Celtic Reiki Self-Treatment (can be repeated)
  • 3 Orientations to Foundation Mastery, Essences, Avatar State and The Realm of Meadows
  • Regular email guidance from Martyn Pentecost
  • Video mentoring from Martyn Pentecost
  • Extensive online materials: text, audio, video, etc.
  • Access to the Foundation Mastery area of the Celtic Reiki Community
  • On completion of the training: certification as a Celtic Reiki Foundation Master (emailed pdf)

“I’ve enjoyed all the experiences – far more than I would ever have thought possible. Your audios are very cleverly done – I particularly like the various tempos in music – and you have a good expressive, yet calming voice. I couldn’t help becoming immersed and at one with the imagery.”

(Jacqueline – Realm Master)

Please note: Foundation Mastery is equivalent to levels 1-3 of Celtic Reiki Master training. As of 2014 only Celtic Reiki Realm Masters are accredited to teach Celtic Reiki at any level.

Investment: only $99